Solanum lycopersicum cv. M82 (Tomato cultivar M82)

Solanum lycopersicum cv. M82
  • The Solanum lycopersicum cv. M82 genome was published in conjunction with the Solanum pennellii genome. The S. lycopersicum cv. M82 genome was sequenced using the existing S. lycopersicum cv. Heinz genome as a reference. One paired-end library was created with an insert size of 190 bp and sequenced to provide 574 million reads totaling 47.4 billion bases. These data were initially aligned to the Heinz reference genome, and this alignment was further refined. The detected variants were then applied to the genome, and a further round of alignment was performed, where additional SNPs were detected and applied to create the final M82 genome.
  • Read more about the Solanum lycopersicum cv. M82 genome:
    Bolger et al. (2014)
    The genome of the stress-tolerant wild tomato species Solanum pennellii
    Nature Genetics 46, 1034-1038
  • Sequencing raw data are available at the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA) under the project accession PRJEB6302.

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