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  • Can I submit a fasta file containing both DNA and protein sequences?
    • No, this will result in an error. Fasta files submitted to Mercator4 must be exclusively DNA or Protein sequences.
  • Very few of my sequences are assigned to functional bins. Why?
    • You should verify that that you have selected the correct sequence type (DNA or Protein) before submitting the mercator job. If you submit DNA sequences, but specify the 'Sequence type' as Protein, an error will be not be generated, but very few sequences are likely to be assigned to functional bins.
    • If you are sure that you have selected the correct sequence type, verify that you have submitted gene sequences (introns must be removed).
    • Mercator is designed for plants: If you submit sequences from non-plant organisms, the classification and annotation rate will likely be low.
  • I get an error that my sequences are incompatible with Mercator - what can I do?
    • Mercator4 has been upgraded to accept a number of ambiguous protein sequences. However, there are still certain criteria which a sequence has to meet.
    • To validate your sequence for Mercator4, you can run your fasta file on the 'Mercator Fasta Validator' tool which will give a detailed report including the possibility to generate a 'Mercator valid' fasta file with the offending records removed.
  • I get an Unknown Error/Internal Error/Server Error when running my job. What does this mean?
    • We try to handle every error scenario and provide a detailed description why the job failed. If you experience such an error, please send an email to with the 'JOB ID' (Starts with GFA-XXXXXXXX).
  • I ran my sequences on Mercator4 six months ago, but now the version has changed. Can I run my sequences against an older version?
    • Yes. We provide a 'Legacy Mercator' tool which will allow users to run against older versions of Mercator4.
  • My Job has been queued for hours. Is it really running?
    • This cluster is capable of running many jobs in parallel, but can still be overpowered if many users submit jobs simultaneously. If your job has been queued for hours, submitting the same jobs again will not speed up the process. If your job has not completed after 4 hours, then you should contact us at providing us with the 'JOB ID' .
  • My browser crashed while running a job, and now I cannot access my job any more. What can I do?
    • As we do not require users to login to submit a job, the only way we have to track your job is using a 'browser session'. If your browser has crashed, then a new session is created and the link to your jobs is lost. However, if you entered a email address when you submitted the job, you will still be notified (along with a link to the results) when the job has finished. If you did not enter an email address, but have taken a note of the JOB ID, then you can email us at to get the results.
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