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Mercator4 #

  • Mercator4 is an online sequence functional classification and annotation tool.
  • Users can submit either nucleotide or protein gene sequences which are processed by the Mercator tool.
  • Mercator4 uses a combination of sensitive techniques to assign protein sequences to the corresponding categories. These techniques are optimally calibrated for each BIN and no longer require the user to provide running parameters.
  • As new classification BINs are added, the Mercator4 version number will be incremented.

Mercator4 mapping files must only be used with MapMan pathways starting with X4

  • These pathway files need to be downloaded
  • If old pathways files are use with new Mercator output files, they will not give an error. 
  • For the current version of mercator (Mecator4 R2.0), the pathway files will have the format 'X4.2 PATHWAY_NAME R2.0'

If you find Mercator4 useful please cite the following:

"MapMan4: a refined protein classification and annotation framework applicable to multi-omics data analysis."

Schwacke, Rainer, Gabriel Y. Ponce-Soto, Kirsten Krause, Anthony M. Bolger, Borjana Arsova, Asis Hallab, Kristina Gruden, Mark Stitt, Marie E. Bolger, and Björn Usadel.

Molecular plant, 12(6), pp.879-892.  |

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