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Mercator Annotation tool

Incorrect bin assignment

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Incorrect bin assignment
17/04/19 10:28
Hi everyone, I recently tried the mercator annotation tool to annotate and assign bins for the newly published apple genome of last year. However, when trying to display my RNAseq data on the pathway maps in mapman afterwards using the annotation generated by the mercator annotation tool, I notice that there must be a problem with the bins, since genes are showing up at completely wrong locations. When checking the photosynthesis map everything seems still fine (this is the first pathway in the annotation file), so the problem occurs somewhere after.

Hopefully someone can give me some advice on what to try to resolve this problem.

RE: Incorrect bin assignment
17/04/19 12:30 com a resposta a Matthias.
Hi Matthias,

Thanks for the feedback on the the new MapMan/Mercator annotations. 

One first comment that I should make is that it is perhaps a little confusing at the moment as to which pathway diagrams can be used for Mercator4. 
This is definitely a point we are working on clarifying (and also exanding these). 

We currently have 8 pathway diagrams for Mapman4/Mercator4 and you can identify them as they start with X4

If you are sure you have used the correct pathway diagram, then I would be interested to know which pathway you notice the issue with (and perhaps also which bins you noticed were incorrectly assigned). 

Thanks again for your feedback.