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very large FASTA file

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very large FASTA file
20/08/18 19:10
HI I was trying to use mercator to generate my mercator file for mapman, but I obtained the next message:

Sequence Check failed: Sequence file larger than than an overall of 316135488 nucleotides, please contact us via email to ask for processing larger amounts of data!

Could you please help me to can to obtain a mercator output file?

I send an email to: plabipd@gmail.com.

Is yet the email to support of the mercator?

Ulises Arcos

RE: very large FASTA file
21/08/18 06:47 com a resposta a Ulises Iván Arcos.
Dear Ulises, 

Your fasta file exceeds the limit that the Online Mercator can accept. 
If you can provide the fasta file together with the parameters you require, then we can run the fasta file for you and send you the results. 


RE: very large FASTA file
19/12/19 00:28 com a resposta a Marie Bolger.
Dear Marie,

How can I contact with you and provide my fasta file? I can't find your e-mail address.

Best regards,