Mercator 4 v0.2 - Beta Version

Mercator 4 v0.2 - Description

  • Mercator 4 v0.2 is a beta version..   
  • Mercator 4 uses the MapMan4 classification structure which has undergone redesign to provide a major expansion and improvement of many of the former categories (aka BINs). This new BIN structure differs greatly from the MapMan3 structure used for the original Mercator software. Please note that the MapMan4 mapping files generated by Mercator 4 are currently not compatible with the existing MapMan3 Application Software.
  • Mercator 4 uses a combination of sensitive techniques to assign protein sequences to the corresponding categories. These techniques are optimally calibrated for each BIN and no longer require the user to provide running parameters. 
  • This version (v0.2) classifies proteins into Bins 1-25. All proteins which are not assigned to these categories will currently be assigned to Bin 35 (unknown proteins). As new classification BINs are added, the Mercator 4 version number will be incremented.